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The Basset Hound is one of the most intriguing of all dog breeds. At BuckBasset we hope to not only entertain but to educate as well. Meet the pup (that would be Bucksnort) who started our family's love affair...almost to the point of obsession...with the Basset hound!

BuckBasset is filled with information all about Basset hounds. Thinking about being owned by a Basset yourself? Not sure if they make good family pets? Don't know where to adopt one? Need some health resources? You've come to the right place!


Rainbow Bridge:
A Tribute To Friends We Miss


Informational Pages
Basset Health   In general the Basset hound is a healthy breed. Many of the most common health problems may be attributed to the weight of the basset. Obesity and inactivity can result in a number of health issues including back problems. Find information here that will assist you in understanding hereditary issues that may affect a Basset hound.
Spay & Neuter Information   Information pertaining to the necessity of spaying or neutering your dog.
Training & Behavior Issues   Question about training? Here's your place to find a variety of links and info to help with many behavioral aspects of dog ownership!
BuckBasset News Archives   See past issues of BuckBasset News!
sinus lift   Looking for a basset to adopt? Want to help out a basset in need? Check this page for information.
Transport   A comprehensive list of organizations available to assist in the transport of rescued pets.
 modern garden furniture   If you've decided to go to a breeder to find a basset puppy make sure you do your homework! Check out the breeder thoroughly. Be prepared for a QUALITY breeder to ask YOU a lot of questions!  Here is some important information for you to consider:
sofas uk   Are you considering breeding your basset? Please read this information carefully to help assist you in making the right choices!
Basset Hound General Information   Everything you want to know about the basset hound breed and more!
compare professional indemnity   An Extensive list of basset hound related books and other publications.
best seo company   The loss of a pet is never easy to endure. There is an emptiness that never seems to be filled. Go here to find information, resources, inspiration and tributes. Read the legend of Rainbow Bridge.
The Basset As A Pet   Many people ask, "Is a basset the right pet for me?" Ownership of any pet must be taken very seriously. They are not disposable. You keep them for life! Here is some information to consider.
Online Groups &
  A variety of online informational groups are available for basset owners to join.
Fun Stuff
personal indemnity insurance   Meet the pup that started it all...Bucksnort!
Buck's Buddies   Meet some of the friends we have had the honor to make. Want to be one of Buck's Buddies? Find out how!
What's A Basset?   A collection of thoughts by those owned by a basset.
helicopter hire   Stories, poems, humor and cartoons!
Bassety Shopping   Links to many of the shopping websites offering basset items for humans and houndies alike.
Just For Kids   A page dedicated to kids full of fun and information.
Basset Websites   Personal websites by foodslaves from all over the world.
E-Cards   Send an e-card to someone you love! Every occasion available.
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